About Us

Project Rec was founded with the idea that not everyone needs to be sweating it up in a gym to use supplements to maximize their bodies performance and get the nutrition they need. Some times we can use a little boost with our recreational activities such as biking, hiking, jogging and participation in rec sports. AND many of us enjoy doing these activities with our dogs too! So why shouldn't they get the nutritional support they need as well?

In 2010, I adopted Meg. A German Sheppard- Lab mix who took my workouts into the outdoors. Hiking, jogging, camping and exploring the woods became our specialty. Flash forward to today in 2020 and were still active in the outdoors. Of course father time has caught up to both of us, her more than me, and the adventures have became less strenuous. However, I began to think. I take steps to ensure I get all the proper nutrition I need to recover, so why not Meg as well? While she gets the premium dog food she needs a little more help after heavier activity. 

Now, Kelsey and I have another young pup, Chase, who is a ball of energy. With a mischievous personality, he keeps us all, including Meg, on our toes and we look forward to many more adventures. 

So here we are. Project Rec. Making it easy for you to keep enjoying adventures with your dog by providing the quality supplements you need to perform and recover from any activity. 

Thank you for stopping by to check us out!

Please feel free to email in with any questions on our contact form. 

Brad & Kelsey